Thursday, 16 March 2017

Why is Goa said to be an ideal destination for honeymoon couples?

Goa is ideal for the honeymoon as this place has a rich cultural impact of the ancient Portuguese reign and also an ideal place for the party, water sport, sightseeing and definitely soaking in the tranquil beaches in order to spend the quality time with your partner.

Here’s why Goa is ideal for the honeymoon:

• Beaches: Starting from the water sports to beach shacks to candlelit dinners on the beach, this place is just apt for the honeymoon couples to enjoy themselves.

• Sightseeing: This place is full of churches, exotic beaches, ancient temples, rivers, Portuguese forts, waterfall etc. visiting all may not fit the schedule.

• Parties: In Goa at every corner there is a party going on, you can visit the opulent nightclubs or even at the beaches for private parties.

• Cruise: You can plan for a cruise ride for a romantic candle light dinner and enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying the panoramic view of Goa.

• Nature: For the nature lovers you can enjoy the romantic walk through the spice plantation and enjoy bathing with the elephants.

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