Friday, 26 July 2019

Tips To Make Your Destination Wedding More Exciting

A wedding is a time to celebrate and rejoice but if it is a destination wedding it is all the more exciting! The biggest advantage of a destination wedding is, it is no less than a vacation. We get a chance to spend time with our near and dear ones, relish the delicious food and drinks and enjoy the marvelous setting around. It is a fun-filled getaway from our daily routine. There are awesome wedding resorts in Gurgaon and if you ever get a chance to visit them, don't miss it. 

Make your destination wedding all the more exciting by following these simple tips:
·         Stick to your commitment: Be honest and realistic with the couple, inform them whether you are attending or not. If once you commit, then stick to your words and be there before the wedding function commences. If due to any emergencies you fail to do so, let the couple be aware of it so that they can make timely cancellation. Apologize for your absence and don't forget to send your best wishes to the couple!
·         Must have in your backpacks: It is always wise to pack light for the party. Apart from your gorgeous attire and footwear, you must not forget these simple things. A sunscreen to avoid tanning of your skin, a swimsuit to go for swimming in between the functions especially if you are in a beach resort, steam iron and a portable charger or a power bank to avoid your phone getting switched off. Something very important to take care of is, leaving some space in your bag as there are chances you may get a gift from the couple!
·         Explore the destination: To maximize your experience reach a day before the function starts. Before leaving, check out the major attraction and excursion of the destination online. Stay a few days after the wedding so that you can relax, explore and know everything about the destination, its culture and its novelties. Change destination wedding into your vacation!!
·         Take care: Take good care of yourself, remain active and energized in all the wedding functions. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated, have a little control on your food and make sure there is no overeating, take power naps between the functions, sleep well and get up on time and if possible, do some workouts as you will be consuming high-calorie food.
·         Plan early: As soon as you receive the wedding invitation, make your travel bookings done. Share your travel itinerary with the couple so that they can count you in their headcount and make necessary arrangements. Check the list of the dress codes before you pack up for the wedding. Try to mix and match and avoid extra expenditure on purchasing new clothes.
·         Don't carry valuables: It is better to avoid carrying expensive jewellery or other valuable things when you are going for a destination wedding. Although there are safe lockers mostly in all the wedding venues in Gurgaon, still to be on safer side carry imitation jewellery and wear them according to the occasion.
·         Remain comfortable: Don't forget to carry some comfortable clothes which you will be requiring after the parties or when you go out to explore the destination. Apart from your fancy high heels carry some comfortable footwear which you can put on when you go near the beach or for sightseeing.
·         Be social: In a wedding party, you will meet your family and friends, so it is very necessary to mingle with them and be social. You can also make new friends here who may remain in touch with you for a lifetime.
·         Groom yourself before you leave: Pre grooming is very essential when you go for a wedding. Take the parlour services 3 to 4 days before you leave for the wedding because if there are any rashes due to facial or clean-up it will subside in 3-4 days. Get waxing and haircut done which will enhance your personality.
Capture these beautiful moments in your camera and follow these simple tips and make your destination wedding a memorable one.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

What Should A Visitor Know About Damdama Lake, Gurgaon?

Are you tired of grinding at your place or in business?  If you have no time for a long break but wish to unwind yourself from the monotonous routine, never worry. If you live in Delhi, it is time for you to visit the Damdama Lake in Gurgaon. If you are holidaying at best resorts in Manesar, you can visit this wonderful lake which is considered to be one of the picnic spots near Delhi. This lake can be reached easily as it is just 45 Km away from the national capital. The amazing lakeside environment coupled with some stunning leisure activities provides an excellent opportunity for relaxation.


·         Location: Situated in the town of Sohna in the Gurgaon district, Damdama Lake is known to be one of the largest natural lakes in the state of Haryana. Surrounded by Aravalli hills, this wonderful lake is just twenty kilometres away from Gurgaon city. Thanks to the picturesque hills pose an attractive scenario which no traveller should miss seeing in this wonderful location.

·         Water resorts:  The water resorts at Damdama Lake are designed and constructed in the form of the traditional huts so has to provide an ethnic feel to the tourists, who come here in all parts of the year. The significant attractions are the treehouses that allow the visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake as well as the hills in the background. Adventurous travellers can also sleep under the stars with the help of the camping services provided near the lake. One can also reach here from the famous resorts in Manesar which is located nearby.

·         A home away from home: Damdama Lake is a perfect destination for people who are looking a home away from their home. Being gifted with excellent and pleasant weather, this lake offers a pleasing environment. Such an atmosphere automatically brings down your stress levels.  People go with their loved ones can avail the special package deal that offers assured and interesting activities at an affordable cost.  The place also offers adventure sports as well as tasty foods for your taste buds.

·         Overnight stay: For those who are planning to stay overnight at the Damdama Lake, can book their rooms in a luxurious resort which has stylishly designed cottages. Besides offering an ethnic appeal, these cottages provide all amenities for a family stay. The place has lovely lawns and a play area apart from a restaurant wherein all kinds of Indian foods are available.

·         Birds sanctuary: This wonderful Damdama lake is also famous for housing a bird sanctuary. It houses innumerable species of migratory birds during the wintertime. Birdwatchers can a have feast to their eyes in this greenish place where lots of trees offer a home to these birds. Children who are keen on birdwatching can enjoy this place around the lake. Food packets are not allowed in this area to offer perfect protection to these birds. These birds are fed with separate food given by the authorities.

·         Sporting activities: Damdama Lake is a well-known hub for several sporting and adventurous activities. Those who have a passion for having adventurous sports can involve in kayaking, hot air ballooning, cycling, rock climbing, rowing, and many more tasks. Those who love indoor games can play chess, carom, tambala, table tennis and so on at the nearby clubs. For the food lovers, the lakeside restaurant bars offer a cosy environment at the green lawns.

·         Dream Island:  This is one of the popular resorts where tourist comes for relaxation. The village styles cottages are the added attractions to the tourists. The place is located amidst the span of water, which attracts every visitor. More importantly, the eco-friendly atmosphere seems to the right option for the people who seek calmness and relaxation.  One can have a rain dance near the swimming pool which attracts all the swimmers. If the climate is kind, one can dance in the rain and enjoy the place with the loved ones.

This short article will be handy for the travelers who are planning to have a weekend getaway to this beautiful lake. Having known about the Damdama Lake, it is time for you to visit here with your loved ones. Undoubtedly, this place has something offer to every visitor. This picture-perfect destination waits for you to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the lake with its hilly background. Start your bookings at the traditional cottages wherein you can feel a different type of relaxation.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Myths about Spa Therapies at Resort and Spa in Goa

Goa has consistently been the most popular tourist destination in India for ages. Though, one thing has changed. Today, people do not just plan a stay at resorts but “Resorts and spa in Goa”. The resorts located at various exotic locations in Goa stress more on their spa facilities. They know that travelers book resorts to escape in luxury and solitude and they like getting pampered. 
To surfeit the travelers, the resorts provide unmatched spa facilities along with many other amenities. It is due to the amazing facilities that spa resorts have now become hot destinations within themselves.

However, there are still many people who frown over the prospect of booking a resort and spa in Goa. It is maybe because there are several myths associated with spa services at resorts and spas. So, today, we are busting some common myths about spas at resort and spa in Goa.

The spa services at the resort and the spa is very expensive

Many people believe that spa resorts in Goa is amazingly expensive because they offer exceptional spa services especially for the travelers who like overindulgence. But this is not completely true.
There are many spa resorts in Goa that offer spa treatments at very affordable price. If you are searching for a reasonably priced resort and spa in Goa, you must check their official website for details. The spa resorts mention the spa treatments along with their rates.
Also, there are some spa resorts that offer combos and offers on their spa facilities. So, if you want to avoid splurging too much on yourself, you can look for a combo like a massage and facial combo. Using a combo offer, you can enjoy an excellent massage from a trained therapist in a beautifully decorated space.

Resort spas are better than a day spas

This is a hundred percent true. The resort and spa in Goa especially aim at offering luxury facilities to the guests. The spa resorts are located at beautiful destinations, which is therapeutic in itself. Furthermore, they offer a 5-star hospitality standard and highly trained therapists.
The resorts spas don’t just work to elevate the massage experience of their guests but they work to enhance the overall experience. The beautiful and grand rooms create a beautiful ambiance to unwind and relax. The soothing music offers a perfect vibe.
All in all, a spa experience at a resort and spa in Goa are always better than day spas.

The effects of spa treatments at a resort, spas don’t last longer

Many people feel that taking spa treatment at any leading spa resort makes them feel good only for one day and the next day is the same story. Well, the problem may be with the number of times you take spa therapies. You need to avail spa therapies at regular interval of time to avail the benefits of the treatment.
Indulging in spa treatments at regular the interval of time will keep your skin and muscles soft, supple, and flexible.
Also, if you take a good massage in the midst of a beautiful surrounding the effects remain with you for long.

A good spa massage at the resort and spa in Goa makes your muscles sore the next day
Many people believe that a message is good only if it manages to make you feel sore the next day. But this is not true.
After getting a massage by a professional at a resort and spa in Goa, you may not experience any muscle soreness. But this isn’t a sign that message wasn’t good enough. Per contra, feeling sore on the next day of massage could be due to faulty massage by the therapist.
A good massage makes you feel relaxed and stress-free. It does not induce pain in your body.
However, there are some deep-tissue massages that may cause some pain. After all, treating the muscles filled with tension and stress built up over weeks and months may cause a little pain.
But to deal with this, the spas at resort and spa in Goa offer a relief massage before beginning the deep-tissue massage.

Taking a spa treatment at a resort spa does not provide any medical benefit

Taking a spa therapy at a resort and spa in Goa makes you feel relaxed, happy, and cheerful. It induces a sense of well-being. It releases all the stiffness and tension from the muscles and makes you feel energetic and alive.
Taking a spa treatment is all about feeling healthy, relaxed, and stress-free. And, these can be touted as medical benefits.
So, now that you know everything about spa treatments at spa resorts, you must head straight towards the spa from conference halls in Goa to relax and rejuvenate yourself physically and mentally.