Friday, 20 July 2018

Goa! Oh Thou Fabulous Memories Shall Always be Cherished!

It's been 26 years that I have lived in Delhi. I have never done anything in my life in a planned state of mind. Things have always been extremely spontaneous. Be it in terms of work or in terms of a holiday. Speaking of holiday, the holiday destinations that I have been to till now were near or around Delhi itself. Like Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Nainital etc. Why so? Because these destinations can be reached out to spontaneously and would involve the least amount of planning for being just a few hours drive away from Delhi.

It was the first time that I thought of having a planned vacation, that too in Goa. I got everything planned for this one. I got my train tickets booked quite prior to the day of departure. The next step for me was to look out for holiday resorts in Goa. Since I was travelling by train, I did not want a hotel far from the railway station. After going through some online search, I found the Select Hotels, Heritage Village club extremely suitable for all my needs.

I checked in to the hotel and it completely lived up to my expectations. I was super amazed to see the swimming pool, as of how beautiful it was. The rooms were adorably decorated, the beach was near the hotel and the amenities were 10 on 10. I was so glad that my choice didn’t go wrong at all. Since my hotel was fabulous, my rest of the trip about exploring Goa went well as well. I had never thought that I would land up at one of the best hotels near Madgaon railway station. It helped me create great memories for sure! 

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

A Goan Heritage Walk!

I was not an amateur traveller to Goa. Having spent a few years living and working in the beach state, I consider myself to eb sowhat of a an expert on Goan matters. I usually undertake long solitary trecks arounf the place now. There are plenty of good hotels in Goa now if you wish to take a tour.

On one of those treks, it was a wonderful amazement to run over some old houses of worship around Panjim (Panaji). I was in a split second helped to remember the Portuguese history of Old Goa and sat tight for an ideal opportunity to investigate the Churches on an independently directed walk. Old Goa was the capital of the Bijapur Sultanate before the Portuguese caught it in 1510, crushing the powers of Adil Shah. Old Goa is said to have been one of the most extravagant urban communities on the planet amid the sixteenth and seventeenth century, before scourges of cholera and intestinal sickness incapacitated Goa. From that point the capital was moved to Panaji (Panjim.) Old Goa was otherwise called 'Rome of the East' because of the frequency of pleasantly outlined temples and totally open spaces. The Portuguese are said to have affectionately called it Goa Dourada, or 'Brilliant Goa.'

Houses of worship and Covenants of Goa are landmarks recorded by UNESCO under the World Heritage List in 1986 as social properties which were worked by the Portuguese provincial leaders of Goa between the sixteenth and eighteenth Century AD. Another motivation behind why it is effortlessly easy to stroll through the Churches of Old Goa is the way that the majority of the Churches are all located near each other. All of this is ofcourse quite different from the beach resorts of south Goa but still worth a visit.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

How to Celebrate Romantic Vacations at Goa With Your Life-Partner

Goa, without any doubt, is considered as one of the finest tourist destinations in India which even gets better during festivals. If you are planning a romantic vacation with your partner in a unique way you can find various Resorts in Goa.

Here are a few things you can do to make your trip romantic:

• Visiting the serene beaches:
Goa is famous for its long beaches and you will find a number of private beaches as well that are available with the resorts. Arossim beach resorts Goa can create the perfect romantic beach vacation. 

• Enjoy the carnivals:
Goa carnivals and other musical festivals are extremely popular. People from all over the world participate in these festivals that take place between the months of October to March.

• Floating in hot air balloons:
Floating in air balloons in Goa can also be one of the finest romantic options that most of the couple choose during their honeymoon or romantic vacations.

• Experience the wildlife:
Those couples who are adventurous can enjoy the wildlife together during their holidays. The best of flora and fauna can make your vacation memorable and more thrilling as well.

• Candle-light dinner:
Goa is just perfect for couples especially for those who are newly wedded and are here to enjoy their honeymoon.  A candle-light dinner to have a romantic time with your partner.

Goa is best for beach vacations during the months of October to February and with so many activities around the place, you can always explore new avenues with your partner.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A Wellness Weekend Getaway

Spa Resorts in GoaIn the New Year, I made a promise to incorporate healthier habits and overall improve my lifestyle. With the first long weekend underway, I decided to treat myself to a wellness weekend and some well-deserved me time. What better destination than Goa, amid the beaches for a calm and serene weekend away. I started by looking out for the better-known spas in Goa, but then I thought why not look for spa resorts in Goa instead. This majorly narrowed down the resorts to the ones located in South Goa, and I thought it for the best as I would always end up staying in the North. I booked a two-night three-day getaway at Alila Goa and was eagerly awaiting the long weekend. On arriving, I immediately asked the Reception for details on their spa packages and most recommended therapies. For each day I booked a spa slot from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm which included a full body spa treatment followed by an ayurvedic therapy for the back, head and feet. Post the spa session, I would head to the room to freshen up which was followed by a leisurely lunch. The food was delicious, and I would end my meal by the poolside with refreshing ‘special of the day’ cocktails.

In the evenings, I would go to the beaches which were closest to the resort and have dinner and drinks at the shacks there. One of the nights though, I decided to dine at the resort, they had an experiential ‘dine in the dark’ meal which you were supposed to eat with a blind fold on – to elevate the sense of taste. This was definitely a unique dining experience I never thought of till now.