Thursday, 23 March 2017

3 Must Visit Quiet Beaches Of South Goa For You

South Goa is famous for its secluded soul-reaching beaches. If you are looking for a quiet beach, away from the crowd, and a peaceful walk on the sand by yourself in the evening, look for these three least visited beaches in South Goa

 1. Bogmalo Beach
Bogmalo is a small seaside village in South Goa and beach adjacent to it is called Bagmalo beach. It is a peaceful and unexplored beach that is ideal if you want to enjoy something new in Goa. Book one of the best beach resorts in South Goa for a comfortable stay and explore the Bagmalo beach with your friends.

 2. Betul Beach

If you ever wanted to live like a hippie, set off to Betul beach, 24km from Margao city. This solitude beach is romantic and a must visit if you want to spend some time alone with your partner in nature's lap. Enjoy fishing or strolling with your better-half on the sand of this magical beach.

 3. Patnem Beach
If you found Palolem mesmerizing but noisy, here is your alternative. Patnem beach gives you a holistic feel of South Goa. Stay at any of the beach resorts in Goa but don't miss to visit Patnem Beach to experience quiet and beautiful Goa.

These Southern Goa beaches give you everything from the calm environment to indulge in nature to fishing in peace. All these beaches are well connected to the cities. Try these beaches next time you visit Goa for sure.