Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My First Goan Getaway of 2018

With the first weekend of the long weekend approaching, it was time for another vacation, and what better a place than the Land of Beaches. I was traveling alone to Goa for the first time and as a New Year Resolution I decided to be spontaneous with all my vacation-related decisions. I booked a last-minute ticket to Goa and left on early Friday morning. As I hadn’t had planned for anything, on landing the first thing I did was look for hotels near the Goa airport. As recommended by my taxi driver, he told me to book a hotel near the beach and not to worry there were plenty. I could feel my anxiety rise with no definite place to go, I eagerly typed into my phone ‘beach hotels in Goa’, I did not like the results which popped into my feed, so I decided to get dropped close to the beach and pick a place in person. I got off near Candolim beach and just at a 10-minute walk I spotted beautiful little place that overlooked the beach and I thought to myself it was perfect. I walked right into the hotel and booked the place. I dropped my bags to the room and headed straight to the beach. I went to a shack and spent the evening eating and drinking. I met some people at the beach who told me about these one or two-day yoga sessions that happen at Arambol beach and I knew that is exactly where I would be going the next day. The next morning, I headed with my bags to Arambol, signed up with a yoga studio there and spent the two days at that beach. The experience was different than the ten trips I had made here before with friends and I am glad to have decided to be so spontaneous with my decisions this time.