Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Learn How To Burn Calories In The Swimming Pool Without Sweating

Did you know that you can use the swimming pool to work out rather than sweating in the gym? Swimming is always refreshing activity and that you burn more calories with a little workout, as your whole body is in continuous motion.

Learn few aqua workout moves to lose calories faster:

• Bicycle move: Rest your arms on an edge of the pool and move your leg as if you are riding a bicycle.

• Leg lift move: Spread your arms resting on the edge of the pool and now try to lift both the legs together.

• Pendulum move: Stand up in the shallow water, get a grip and move one leg at a time just like a pendulum.

• Flutter kick: Get hold of the edge and let your body float in the water while you keep paddling under the water.

• Plank: Get a place on the stairs of the pool and perform a plank, this is more useful than on gym mats.

Though the beach hotels in Goa have fully equipped gym to burn your calories but you always don’t get a swimming pool as an option and more over a different type of workout session can be interesting too and aqua workouts are easy. In fact, when you are traveling, book hotels in Goa with swimming pool so that you can work out and get refreshed at the same time to save time.