Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Heavenly Honeymoon Resorts in Goa Welcome newly Married Couples

Honeymoon Resorts in Goa
With stars in your eyes and a spring in your step, keep the magic of newly taken vows alive and have an idyllic time in honeymoon resorts in Goa. Blissful, beguiling in their appeal and perched prettily in perfect proximity to the beach, these havens of hospitality offer accommodation in South Goa that is luxurious and loaded with attendant amenities.

To keep the romance alive, ensconce yourselves in unique Design suites – avante garde and chic – with romantic mood lighting, contemporary colour combinations see through glass and large spacious bathrooms with shower cubicles or cosy bathtubs, sensuous swaying Feng Shui inspired Chinese Bamboo decorations and ultra-modern designer furniture. With a handy bedside master panel to control lighting, you can create the ambience to woo your partner with the flick of a wrist! Customised luxury linen on inviting spacious beds, set the tone for closeness anytime!

Accommodation in South Goa
Accommodation in South Goa also offers you the perfection and privileges of spacious and luxurious suites and balconies with breathtaking views, customized tableware and toiletries especially for you. With fine linen, antique furniture and artistic finesse, with generously loaded mini-bar, tea/coffee maker, satellite television and much more, you set a warm, busy and leisurely pace.

Satiate ravenous appetites with exotica Goan food and sumptuous seafood specialities crafted from succulent crabs, prawns, lobsters in charming rustic settings or stately mango trees are serenaded romantically in Goan style! With lavish buffets and international epicurean delights, authentic Indian and Continental delicacies in romantic locales, let charming honeymoon resorts in Goa provide you with a heady experience with their repertoire of wines, beers, liqueurs and exotic global beverages!