Monday, 25 August 2014

Choose Goa Beach Resorts for the Perfect Honeymoon

Weddings are special for any two persons. It is oft considered a coming together of two souls. Thus, honeymoon, the first journey which a couple undertakes together is immensely special and symbolic. In a mad search for honeymoon destinations, my newly married friend, short listed a number of Goa beach resorts. Honeymoon resorts in Goa are aplenty. Honeymooners, in this aspect, look for seclusion, virgin beaches, fantastic facilities and service par excellence. Heritage Village Club, Goa of Select Hotels offers all this and more. Thus, this Goa beach resort was the destination of choice for my friend.
Easy distances from the Dabolim Airport and the Railway Station also make the resort an ideal destination. Add to the fact that they have amazing accommodations, fantastic food, delectable snack offerings, an array of beverages and entertainment galore, we have the perfect one among all honeymoon resorts in Goa

honeymoon resorts in Goa
A number of restaurants are there to indulge in myriad cuisines. Here, one can indulge in long walks along the sea shore, relaxing siestas, romantic picnics in the beach, bike rides across the countryside. Indulge in sightseeing while there. Visits to the Church of Holy Spirit, Largo De Idreja, etc. are a must. If you are a bibliophile, even honeymooners can visit the Golden Heart Emporium and the Municipal Library. All in all, this will be a perfect honeymoon amid sun, sea, sand and books!