Monday, 28 May 2012

Tempting Cuisine in Goa

In a land kissed by the sun and caressed by the Arabian Sea, Goa’s sumptuous cuisine depends on rich harvests of shellfish like crabs, prawns, tiger prawns, lobsters, squid and mussels, from the depths of the sea!

Cuisine in Goa, where rice and fish are staple foods, Kingfish the most common delicacy, incorporates the succulent pomfret, shark,tuna and mackerel lavishly into delicious, spicy preparations, washed down with the famous Kaju Feni!

Goan Catholic cuisine is preponderantly influenced by the Portuguese. Some famous preparations include:  Ambot tik - a sour curry dish prepared with either fish or meat, Arroz doce - a Portuguese derivative of kheer, Balchão - A curry based on a traditional sauce from Macao,made from shrimp,aguardente,  laurel, lemon and chili, Canja de galinha - a type of chicken broth with rice and chicken, and is originally a Goan recipe, Vindaloo, ,a spicy curry with a Portuguese garlic and wine marinade and Bebik (Bebinca) - a pudding traditionally eaten at Christmas.

Cuisine in Goa
Hindu Goans’ culinary preparations make good use of vegetables, lentils, pumpkins,  pumpkins, gourds, bamboo shoots; their unique cuisine includes:   Fish Udid Methi or Uddamethi - type of curry consisting of fenugreek and  mackerel.  A vegetarian version of this dish is also prepared using Hog Plums (or anything sour and tangy such as pieces of raw mango) and fenugreek.  Kismur –a delicious side dish normally consisting of dried fish (mostly mackerel or shrimp), onions and coconut,Patoleo - A dish of turmeric leaves stuffed with rice, dal, jaggery, and coconut, Sorpotel -  a Goan pork meat, liver, tongue, blood curry that is very spicy, Tondak, made of beans, cashew nuts, etc and different varieties of sweets made of rice, lentils like Payasa, Patoli, Mangane and Kheer.

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